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About our Mineral

Mass building mineral designed specifically for free-ranging deer.


Loose Moose application has proven to produce the heaviest, largest whitetail racks in their natural free-roaming habitat. (Many huge racks are produced under high fence with supplemental feed programs.) Loose Moose will allow you to produce the heaviest racks available in your area. We can’t guarantee you a four year old buck, but we can promise you the best possible mass for the age structure in your woods! 

We consider this mass building formula to be the “spring melt miracle.” Combine Loose Moose application with your trail camera and witness the jump you have over other areas before the first arrows fly.


Whitetail Mineral Products


Premium quality whitetail mineral supplement is available in 2 sizes. The standard 16 LB bag and now the 3 LB Power Stump which allows you to easily take mineral deep into your secret hunting spot. 



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**Due to supply chain issues, 16 lb mineral orders online may be shipped in generic packaging.**
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