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Limb Liquor

Limb Liquor is a synthetic licking branch attractant used to attract both bucks and does

  • Choose a known existing licking branch or a new mock licking branch roughly shoulder high. 

  • Shake bottle and spray a few pumps on the branch. 

  • Bucks will come in to deposit scent from their glands on the branch by vigorously chewing, rubbing and antler raking

  • Limb Liquor is a curiosity attractant used during early season and helps in establishing a bucks territory. In many cases we have seen bucks take our test licking branches and start making satellite licking branches and scrapes all around  the area.

  • For best results use with our Scrape Tonic product and create scrapes under licking branches.

  • This product works best from late spring through post rut

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Now Available  

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Also Available with UV

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