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Scrape Tonic

Scrape Tonic is a synthetic sexual attractant used to attract both bucks and does

  • Choose a known existing scrape or create a mock scrape by clearing an area roughly 1 1/2 ft by 1 1/2 ft or larger.

  • Shake bottle and pour 1-2 oz's into the scrape on the initial application.

  • Refreshing scrapes only requires 1/2 oz. (refresh as often as you would like, keep in mind that Scrape Tonic incorporates ingredients that reactivate with moisture).  

  • Both bucks and does will come in and begin using the scrape in a way to communicate throughout the season. 

  • Activity will significantly increase during rut period. 

  • For best results use with our Limb Liquor product and create scrapes under licking branches.

  • This product works best from late spring through post rut. 

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Now Available   

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